Pekka Saarinen wrote:
> Also, many virtual hosts share MySQL server(s), so offering a choice to 
> use PHP for pagination and sorting on "own server RAM/CPU" may by 
> beneficial. I also believe that anything that produces less load to 
> MySQL is good.

Absolutely true. First time a customer of mine wanted to host in the 
States he got offered Oracle on dedicated machine. Looked quite good, as 
usually having DB server on a dedicated machine performs *much* better.

Eventually, we found out that the yanks had *one* db server for 
something like 50 overloaded webservers. The poor dbbox was actually 
serving an incredible amount of MySql dbs, too.

So poor configuration must be taken into account. Especially when you 
are hired into a project and cannot really choose who the provider is 
going to be. In that case an oracle instance was *much* slower than a 
PHP sort out of a plain text file. And we are talking about a ridicolous 
amount of rows...

Everything may happen...




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