Just thought I'd mail it here.
It's a reported bug, Bug #16263.
Discovered (after hours of agonizing).

martin, values were being assigned and passed :) thanks anyway.

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You have to set the variables before using session_register().

$var = "Yo";

If you try registering a variable that has no value, then of course no value
can be carried over to the next page. :o)


>>> "Naintara Jain" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> 07/06/02 09:08PM >>>
I am storing some values in session variables.
The behavior of the session is pretty unpredictable.

On the first page I begin with:

In another page I check for existing value of session variable "var2".
In the next page I have the following code:

if(($var2)=="" || !isset($var2))

But the strange thing is that the session value is not accessible in the
other page.

I have tried passing the session id though session_id() in the URL.

Session handling has been giving me some trouble (windows 2000, IIS)
The strange thing is that it works some times.

Can anyone give any pointers?

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