> Can you explain that SPAN thing a bit more. You said to use:
> <SPAN charset="yourset" lang="yourlang"> your text </SPAN>
> I can understand the charset param but what is the lang param used for?

Basically it might even be useless. But id does not harm to use it. Like 


this text uses the header charset language setting

<SPAN charset="KOI-8" lang="ru">
This is russian text in KOI-8 format
а вот это родной язык!

This again uses your header settings

<SPAN charset="ISO-8859-1" lang="en">
This is english text in basic format
yes, it is

This again uses your header settings


Note that SPAN will not change anything in your formatting (like tables 
and so on).

Another (and safer) way to do it, is to define classes in a CSS sheet 
and apply the to SPAN areas. So you keep a centralized control on your 
char formatting.

But if you just need it to debug output you can be happy with a direct 
charset/lan specification.



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