Jean-Christian Imbeault wrote:
> Alberto Serra wrote:
>> I hope you mean one charset per language. Otherwise I can just cancel 
>> POstgres from my list of usable engines. But yes, it can't be just one.
> I'm no pgsql expert but I think that yes, it will only accept input in 
> one charset. But for charsets that use only 8-bits I think you can 
> insert data that is in more than one charset.
> But for charsets that use more than 8-bits I think pgsql actually checks 
> that the input is in the charset the DB expects it to be in.

Can anyone say something about this? It would mean that a content 
repository ported to Postgres would not be able to hold chinese, korean 
and japanese content at the same time. Quite a big minus, I'd say.

Any chinese, korean or japanese programmers on this list? (I put the 
countries list in alphabetical order, no personal preferences implied).



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