Jean-Christian Imbeault wrote:
> Don't know the answer to your question exactly but how about 
> transforming all user input into something like unicode/UTF-8 (or 
> UTF-16) and *then* putting it into the DB?
> That way all the DB input has the same charset.

That was my first idea, yes. Normalizing to utf and get read of whatever 
trouble might lie on the way. Then I read on the MBlib docs that 
japanase chars may take up to 6 byte each, and that would hardly fit 
into a utf-16 format.

Again, all my worries are probably based on the sole fact that I never 
treated chinese/korean/japanese text in my life so I easily get deceived 
in my elaboration.

Thanks a lot for starting the subject. You saved me a lot of trouble in 
the coming winter :)



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