Chris Earle wrote:
> Thank you for the reply (I don't speak or read Russian if that's what that
> other stuff is).  
It is, but it's nothing more than "hello" and my signature, so you did 
not miss any basic content :)

> I forgot to mention that the server is a Win2k server with
> IIS 5 running.  Obviously I'm not the server admin (otherwise I would be
> using Apache).
Dunno. Never had that running myself. BUt as far as I can remember Ms 
security should be directory based. So the guy actually *might* allow 
you writing somewhere if you can convince him that it would show how 
clever he is ;)

> I hope that I can get permissions, but I bet you're right.  Probably just
> have to create a database, which I planned on doing (and know how to).  I
> really did want to use XML though, oh well.

Besides, sooner or later you might need to just log events out to a flat 
file, right?



LoRd, CaN yOu HeAr Me, LiKe I'm HeArInG yOu?
lOrD i'M sHiNiNg...
YoU kNoW I AlMoSt LoSt My MiNd, BuT nOw I'm HoMe AnD fReE
tHe TeSt, YeS iT iS
ThE tEsT, yEs It Is
tHe TeSt, YeS iT iS
ThE tEsT, yEs It Is.......

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