>I hope that I can get permissions, but I bet you're right.  Probably just
>have to create a database, which I planned on doing (and know how to).  I
>really did want to use XML though, oh well.

Using a database does not in any way, shape, or form preclude you from using

XML is just text.

Databases store text very nicely.

Some databases even claim to understand XML internally.  I have no direct
knowledge of the validity of such claims.

If you think it would be better in a database, you are probably correct, and
you probably should stop using files immediately.

Otherwise, you will almost for sure find yourself dealing with race
conditions and other gnarly stuff that is taken care of in the database. In
short, you'll find yourself basically re-writing a goodly chunk of very
tricky code that somebody already wrote for you, for free.

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