> hi all,
> (yes it's me again)
> i've got an other problem.
> i've got an login system, and it has to put an cookie, but it seems he 
> doesn't do it.

1) users may block your cookie.
2) browsers (they often do) may not respond properly to a setcookie()
    command when it specifies more than just name and value for the
    cookie (that is, when you set an expiration date or limit your
    cookie's visibility scope to a subdirectory)

If you have problem 1 there's nothing you can do. Change strategy. No 
user will be able to log to your system if they don't accept cookies.

If that happens to you when debugging and you know your browser *does* 
accept cookies, then try and send the cookie in the headers instead of 
using setcookie()

Like this:

// send/refresh cookie
$time = mktime()+ YourCookieLifeTimeInDays*86400;
$date = date("l, d-M-y H:i:s", ($time));
header("Set-Cookie: yourCookieName=Y; expires=$date GMT");


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