Matt, you're little behind on the times.  Most of the Homesite 5.0 editor
has already been integrated into DreamweaverMX.  They even have a Homesite
"mode" which is what I use.  :)

There are many benefits to DreamweaverMX.  The FTP functionality in is
completely seamless and works very well.  DWMX's "site" feature is similar
to Homesite "projects" feature except that it actually works right.  The
coolest feature of DWMX is it's properties bar which makes updating HTML
tags a breeze.

That being said DWMX is not without problems.  It's slower than Homesite5..
which its self was a dog.  The code coloring doesn't work as well as in
Homesite.  There is no instant way to browse an HTML file.  There seems to
be a bug in the Find/Replace.  Then there are little user interface issues
uch as TAB which doesn't work intuitively (tab a selected line and you
expect to replace the line with a tab but no it tabs the line to the right..
it doesn't make sense).  You can't triple click a line to select it.  Line
indentation is a three key shortcut.. hardly a short cut.  Little things
like that.

Anyway there are more things I like about DWMX than dislike.  I suggest you
d'l the 30 day demo and check it out.


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> The difference between Dreamweaver and Homesite is that Homesite is easier
> to
> customize, and it doesn't mess with your code the way that Dreamweaver
> If you're happy with Dreamweaver, you should stick with it.  But if you
> more control over your code, you
> should consider switching.
> Of course, Macromedia recently bought Allaire, so who knows what the next
> version of Homesite will look like...
> Matt
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> > For those of you using HomeSite, is it worthwhile for me to install it
> I
> > already have DreamWeaver 4 on my PC?  Someone said HomeSite is basically
> > DreamWeaver without the UI interface so I'm wondering if it's possible
> use
> > DreamWeaver the same way I would Homesite.
> >
> > Jesse
> >
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