> - Dreamweaver MX has limited PHP support but it is far superior on the
> front end than the other two.
        Dreamweaver MX can be easily upgraded to a far supperior PHP suppor
t with PHAkt, our free server model for DWMX. I'll paste the features 
below, there's not debugger, and I think that this features will be missing
 for a long time from DWMX, but when you reuse good written code all the ti
me you don't really need it....

PHAkt is a free and complex implementation of PHP server model for the 
Dreamweaver MX environment. It adds a lot of improvements over the 
PHP_MySQL sever model that ships with Dreamweaver:
- Support for multiple databases in a transparent way (ADOdb)
- Support for MySQL, PostgreSQL and MsSQL date locales
- User authentication Server Behaviors
- Master/Detail Server Behaviors
- Go to detail Page Server behaviors
- Improved code generation (all reusable code is kept in functions.inc.php)
- Multiple and extensible recordset support.
- IIS and Apache 2 support by using absolute redirects.

More on PHAkt 2 can be found at http://www.interakt.ro/products/PHAkt/


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