>I wonder if there’s a way to *HIDE* some parts from the Heading of the
>emails sent with PHP. I’m trying to create an anonymous mail sender but
>in the header of the message appears:
>Received: (from httpd@localhost)
>            by www.whateverdomain.com (8.10.2/8.10.2) id g69MEA527130;
>            Tue, 9 Jul 2002 18:14:10 -0400
>Date: Tue, 9 Jul 2002 18:14:10 -0400
>Message-Id: 200207092214.g69MEA527130@www.
>I want to hide the *whateverdomain.com* (because is my hosting provider…

You can't do that using PHP's mail function.

That particular header is automatically inserted, I believe, by the software
actually sending the email, IE sendmail or qmail or whatever.

What's more, it's pretty much not kosher to not have that.

This is not to say it's impossible to forge such things, and insert email
via an open relay into the mail stream/system somewhere.

Just that it's not something that should be a built-in function to PHP, or
*ANY* legitimate mass-use software for that matter.

I mean, that would be like inviting *EVERYBODY* to spam, uncontrollably, and
would just be stupid.

I honestly have no idea how to forge an email routing path, just know it can
be done, and is not rocket-science.  But you're going to have to dig into
the guts of sendmail or equivalent at a minimum, or search out "send spam to
1,000,000 people!!!" software to do it...

I don't *think* you can even do it with just PHP's fsockopen to the
much-hated Open Relays of the world...  Or, at least, they'd be tracked back
to that Open Relay anyway... That might be sufficient for your purposes,
whatever they are.  I suggest, however, that you re-examine your purpose,
and decide if it's really worthy of your time and talent.

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