On Thu, 11 Jul 2002, Richard Lynch wrote:
> I honestly have no idea how to forge an email routing path, just know it can
> be done, and is not rocket-science.  But you're going to have to dig into
> the guts of sendmail or equivalent at a minimum, or search out "send spam to
> 1,000,000 people!!!" software to do it...
> I don't *think* you can even do it with just PHP's fsockopen to the
> much-hated Open Relays of the world...  Or, at least, they'd be tracked back
> to that Open Relay anyway... That might be sufficient for your purposes,
> whatever they are.  I suggest, however, that you re-examine your purpose,
> and decide if it's really worthy of your time and talent.

For what it's worth, the only way to create a convincing fake routing
history in a message's headers is to find an open relay that doesn't
properly stamp mail it receives.

There are a very few SMTP servers which will receive and forward a piece 
of mail without adding a "Received:" line that says where they got it 
from. Thankfully these machines are almost all gone since they have been 
brutally punished by spammers pumping messages through them.

They're also listed on blacklists, so many people (myself included) 
wouldn't see messages that came through them.


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