>what has to be configured, and how, on a bsd server to allow the mail()
>function to work in php? using sendmail?

Use the path to sendmail there, with the -t as suggested, and *YES* the
quotes *ARE* supposed to be part of it:

sendmail_path = "/path/to/sendmail -t"

You may also need to ease up restrictions in sendmail.conf so that the PHP
user is *allowed* to send out email, forge headers, and other fun things
that are pretty essential to making mail() useful.

You may also want to create a specific new user, different from the usual
"nobody", and use that for User in httpd.conf, so that PHP (all of Apache,
really) runs as 'www' or 'httpd' instead of 'nobody'

It will stop a few stupid people trying to abuse the lack of restriction on
email sending...

Not *really* much of a barrier, but every little bit helps.

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