On 11 Jul 2002 at 16:42, Lowell Allen wrote:

> A client wants a database-driven site that records information about
> real estate properties and includes geographic maps of property
> locations (throughout the US). The client has seen a presentation of a
> JavaScript-powered, Windows-only product that doesn't seem to fit well
> with my preference for PHP/MySQL. I've been Google-searching info on
> GIS and GPS and GMT, but thought it might be worthwhile to ask this
> discussion list for input.
> Can anyone direct me to info on PHP presentation of geographic maps --
> tied to a database with locating coordinates?

Well heck, you've peaked my interest. I don't see how javascript makes any difference. 
The power of the app MUST be some server-side app otherwise it would work in any 
Browser (or please 
correct me in any way). 

I'd like to hear more details about this. What kind of maps do they produce? I once 
worked with on a map site called pixxures.com and they had MANY servers that were 
to process requests and return images (ran on linux and solaris and might have worked 
on windows as the app itself was in java I believe). We only had to provide 
coordinates from the web form to 
these apps and they'd return a slice of an image.


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