> From: "Peter J. Schoenster" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
> On 11 Jul 2002 at 16:42, Lowell Allen wrote:
>> Can anyone direct me to info on PHP presentation of geographic maps --
>> tied to a database with locating coordinates?
> Well heck, you've peaked my interest. I don't see how javascript makes any
> difference. The power of the app MUST be some server-side app otherwise it
> would work in any Browser (or please correct me in any way).
> I'd like to hear more details about this. What kind of maps do they produce? I
> once worked with on a map site called pixxures.com and they had MANY servers
> that were SPECFICALLY designed
> to process requests and return images (ran on linux and solaris and might have
> worked on windows as the app itself was in java I believe). We only had to
> provide coordinates from the web form to
> these apps and they'd return a slice of an image.
The JavaScript demo I mentioned in my original post was presented to my
client by another company that specializes in GIS. It screened out my Mac,
noting incompatibility. I don't know why they chose to rely on JavaScript. I
wish I could provide the link to the demo, but I'm sure my client would not
approve. pixxures.com is an interesting site. It quickly brought up an image
of my downtown location -- cool.

Lowell Allen

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