I've attached a file I received with Quark 3.32, which has sample text
complete with Quark Xpress tags.

Perhaps rather than using PHP to edit a whole .qxd file, perhaps you can use
it to help format some text to be imported into a template file.  It's not a
complete solution, but a part of one -- perhaps to be used in conhjuntion
with AppleScript or Macros? (I think the later quark versions have

Just to throw a complete spanner in the works, Adobe InDesign2.0 has a lot
of XML capabilities, and much more integrated PDF capabilities than Quark...
perhaps either an XML based solution, or a PDFLib based solution can be

Considering InDesign is about 1/3rd the price of Quark, *maybe* you might
want to consider other options aside from Quark.

Justin French

on 17/07/02 4:53 PM, Miguel Cruz ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) wrote:

> On Sun, 14 Jul 2002, Simon Troup wrote:
>> ... quark reports things like unexpected EOF (even though when I open
>> the file in a text editor they have same number of lines and "look"
>> identical), I've also tried a few things with the Mac resource forks to
>> no avail.
>> Has anyone tried something like this before? Does the fread() fwrite()
>> change line endings from mac to unix or something?
> I am guessing the problem is that you're changing string lenghts and the
> data structure used by QuarkXPress contains string length indicators. Once
> you make a change to the length of a string without changing the length
> indicator, it gets hopelessly confused.
> Frankly, I do not think this will be an easy project. The QuarkXPress data
> file is a pretty complex beast.
> What are you actually trying to achieve? Perhaps there is another way.
> miguel

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