On Wed, 17 Jul 2002, Justin French wrote:
> I've attached a file I received with Quark 3.32, which has sample text
> complete with Quark Xpress tags.

XPress Tags is a great format, and easy to work with for auto-generated 

However, all you can do with it is prepare text for a single running 
block - not lay out an entire document (unless you're extremely creative 
with rules and positioning, I guess).

> Just to throw a complete spanner in the works, Adobe InDesign2.0 has a lot
> of XML capabilities, and much more integrated PDF capabilities than Quark...
> perhaps either an XML based solution, or a PDFLib based solution can be
> achieved?
> Considering InDesign is about 1/3rd the price of Quark, *maybe* you might
> want to consider other options aside from Quark.

Good luck convincing seasoned Quark operators to change, though!


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