On Thu, Jul 18, 2002 at 10:14:25AM -0400, Chris Crane wrote:

> Warning: Undefined offset: 5 in

Means your array doesn't have that key in it.  I bet you're running into 
blank lines in your file.

> $Results = implode('', file("$LookupURL"));
> $Data = explode("\n", $Results);

Uh, you do realize that you're flip flopping the data around here for no 
reason.  file() already creates an array.  But you go through the 
unnecessary steps of compressing that array into a string and then 
recreating a new array.  Just do this:

   $Data = file($LookupURL);

That will eliminate your errors by not adding extra blank lines.

>  foreach($Data as $Line) {
>   list($H_Date, $H_Open, $H_High, $H_Low, $H_Close, $H_Volume) = split(",",
> $Line);
>   print "<tr bgcolor=\"#FFFFFF\">
> <td>$H_Date</td>\n<td>$H_Open</td>\n<td>$H_High</td>\n<td>$H_Low</td>\n<td>$
> H_Close</td>\n<td>$H_Volume</td>\n</tr>";
>   }

But, your whole approach is wasteful.  As I said yesterday, use fopen()  
and then fgetcsv().  Forget the file() and split() calls.

Then, you're wasting time and memory with the list().  Use the resulting
array directly.

   while ( $Line = fgetcsv($fp, 500) ) {
      echo "<tr> <td>$Line[0]</td> <td>$Line[1]</td> ... etc ...";

Or, since you're pringing everything out, you could just do this:

   while ( $Line = fgetcsv($fp, 500) ) {
      echo '<tr><td>' . implode('</td><td>', $Line) . '</td></tr>'


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