On Thu, Jul 18, 2002 at 11:35:55AM -0400, Chris Crane wrote:
> Hey thank Dan, I will try this.
> Does List waste lots of time and memory?

It does if you don't need to do it.

Just put the data you really need into memory.  Forget about the rest.

If you already have something in memory, don't duplicate it.

> Normally, I create a function and global a bunch of variables to be used
> later on the HTML/PHP file.

If you're globaling the variables, why not just write the code without
enclosing it in a function?

> After I global the variables I split the string
> using the List function. I do that for stock quotes from YAHOO so I can code
> the layout in like Dreamweaver and place the varaibles where I would like
> instead of the function writing out the html for me. Is that bad?

In general, it makes sense, but, does it make the most sense.  Depends on 
the situation.

But, in this situation, you're printing out a whole table of the data, so
your way doesn't make sense.

A: No.
Q: Is okay to top post and/or quote the entirety of the a post?


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