On Thu, Jul 18, 2002 at 08:47:45PM +0300, Alberto Serra wrote:
> It's a customer's choice, obviously. Most customers do not give a damn 
> about minorities (and so do not want to increase budgets to develop an 
> alternate solution that will address a minor community).

What increased cost?  If someone does the right thing in the first place,
there's no cost.  The developers are either gettting paid to develop
something that works right in the first place or they're getting paid to
develop something that doesn't.

Let's use your Iframes example.  My client was using them.  I replaced 
such with proper layout for local content and importing remote content 
through implode('', file()).  How does that cost more?

Anyway, cutting out potential long term revenue by alienating potential 
customers is a bad business decision.


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