On Wed, 24 Jul 2002, Varsha Agarwal wrote:

>I have istalled php from the red hat cd at the time i
>installed red hat itself. I downloaded apache and
>installed it. Can anyone tell me how to configure php
>on apache server? I mean what do I do next to run php
>scripts? I am totally new to all this. Please help.

If you installed php from redhat CD, then why not apache.
The Apache rpm in redhat 7.3 comes as precompiled 
support for Dynamic shared object so there is no need for doing
anything except install your Apache and Php from rpms as it is.

        Then keep your php files in /var/www/html/ or whatever 
you configured for <DocumentRoot> Directive in Apache.

        If you don't have apache you can download it from redhat site.
  S.Murali Krishnan

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