It's certainly _possible_ -

Your httpd.conf (I'm assuming you use Apache, of course) file is just 
a text file that can be read/written like anything else. Then you 
could do a

        system('/path/to/apache/bin/apachectl restart');

to activate. Doing it this simply, thoughm means that your 
webserver's user (usually nobody) would have write access to the conf 
file and execute perms to apachectl, which could open up some 
bulldozer-security holes. At the very least, you want to access 
things through SSL.

But you might want to try Webmin:

Looks very comprehensive, and I've seem a number of good 
recommendations for it. I've been planning on doing a little testing 
of it on my test server, but haven't had the time.


At 4:48 PM +0100 9/6/02, Tim Haynes wrote:
>Is there any easy way of creating,editing and deleting virtual hosts using
>PHP via a website??  I have already thought of a way but seems a little long
>Thanks in advance.

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