On Friday, July 26, 2002, at 11:32 AM, David Buerer wrote:
> ASP is about next on my list. I'm just trying to get javascript and PHP
> under my belt a little better first....well ok, I'm waiting for my next
> paying client. I've found that you do have to use what you know to know
> whatever you need to do.  I couldn't live without Javascript+PHP+SQL 
> when it
> comes to site design.  ASP is next on my list.....

Good luck. I had a summer job once (would've been longer if my boss 
didn't spend all the company money and had to shut the company down) 
where we used ASP for all our dynamic pages. It's a joke. You go (back) 
to using dim statements and VBScript! Of course you can use JScript, but 
that's even more difficult at times. Connecting to a server? There are 
methods, but error reporting is not ASP's best feature.
IMHO, stick with PHP, maybe a bit of Perl, but anything you can do in 
ASP you can do better in PHP.


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