>Well the current web-dev environment here in Melbourne, Australia is VERY
>Microsoft oriented at the moment.  I'm happily freelancing, but have been
>keeping my eye on the big job websites, just in case that perfect job comes
>I get emailed about a few jobs every day, and 90% of them are for a M$
>I guess that would be some form of motivational tool for someone to learn
>ASP -- if there aren't any PHP jobs, then what's the point in knowing PHP?
>I'm sure it's just a temporary problem here at the moment, and it'll sort
>itself out... but if I ever get a week without much work, I'll try and learn
>a bit of ASP, just so that when a client/employer ask me to use ASP, I can
>fumble through it, or better still, recommend PHP as an educated
>Justin French
>on 27/07/02 1:14 AM, David Buerer ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) wrote:
>> What's ASP????
>> I don't know if and haven't learned it so it couldn't be.  After all, how
>> many programming languages does one need to know??
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>> This is the only way I've figured out how to do it.  It seems to work really
>> well.
>> if (mysql_db_query ($dbname, $query, $link)) {
>> gotourl("myurl1");}
>> } else {
>> gorourl("myurl2");}
>> function gotourl(myurl)
>> {
>> echo "<SCRIPT language=javascript>";
>> echo "  window.location=$myurl;";
>> echo "</SCRIPT>\n";
>> }
>> [/snip]
>> Isn't this ASP....? ;^]
>> Jay
>> My other car is a broom

A lot of places in Canada use MS based web servers and I think PHP is mostly 
Unix-centric. :-)
A lot of applications are only for Windows so a lot of places make the choice to go 
for Windows web servers.
They end up buying an MS solution and most everyone who sells MS solutions is pushing 
I'm not an integrator but this is the way it seems to me.

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