>Does anyone have examples on how to use cookies with PHP?


The manual has examples.  Lots.

And there are a ton of them on every PHP code archive I've ever seen.

>I'm just getting 
>into this and would like to know the difference between
>stored cookies and non-stored per session cookies.

Stored cookies have a "time limit"

Session cookies have no "time limit", so they just die when the browsers

>Does PHP support both?

Yes.  You'd have to work at it pretty hard and be pretty stupid about it to
write a language that only supported one or the other...

Not even Microsoft could manage that one, mostly, I think.

Though you *DO* have to provide *BOTH* time out *and* path for some versions
of IE, if you want a cookie to last.  Just the time won't work.  Stupid IE.

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