Well, how did you do the install?  You really need to provide more
details.  Heck, any details.  You don't mention your OS, whether you
compiled from source, if so which configure flags, from packages, which
packages, etc..  We are not mind readers.


On Tue, 30 Jul 2002, Mark Colvin wrote:

> I have a development web server php 4.0.6 apache and mysql and everything
> works OK. I installed the same software onto a new server that will be the
> production server but I hit problems when my scripts try and hit the db on
> the new server. Comparing the phpinfo details for both, the new server does
> not have a mysql section it. I copied the original php.ini onto the new
> server and restarted apache after the installation. Where have I missed this
> in the installation process and how should I resolve it?
> As an aside question, is there any glaring issues I may encounter if I
> upgrade php to 4.2.2 from 4.0.6?
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