On Tuesday 30 July 2002 16:34, Mark Colvin wrote:
> I have a development web server php 4.0.6 apache and mysql and everything
> works OK. I installed the same software onto a new server that will be the
> production server but I hit problems when my scripts try and hit the db on
> the new server. Comparing the phpinfo details for both, the new server does
> not have a mysql section it. 

That's because the php on the new server was not compiled with mysql support.

> I copied the original php.ini onto the new
> server and restarted apache after the installation. 

That wouldn't help.

> Where have I missed
> this in the installation process and how should I resolve it?

reconfigure php to include mysql support.

> As an aside question, is there any glaring issues I may encounter if I
> upgrade php to 4.2.2 from 4.0.6?

Quite a few, read the release notes/chagelog/history, read the php.ini.

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