You are correct Chris.

However if you designed your application as the generic

Master-Detail-(write changes) structure 

you would merely have to use 

echo "<body onload=\"javascript:history.go(-2)\">"; to take 
you back to the master set, assuming js is turned on, and that is the flow of your app.

I mainly design in an intranet environment, and variables are more controlled here 
than in other places.

For instance, I'm sure that noone uses anything but IE, and JS is almost for sure on.


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> Page1 (fill in data)->Page2(write data, instant redirect to p1,
> unless dies from php/mysql) 
> Then the only way to repost, is to push the forward button.

Unless, of course, they hit the "Submit" button again and I think
that was the point the original poster was getting at.  If the user
cannot hit the back button, they cannot hit submit again.


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