I do it this way

Page1 (fill in data)->Page2(write data, instant redirect to p1, unless dies from 

Then the only way to repost, is to push the forward button.

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Well, OK, then, How do you  design the app NOT to allow the form to POST 
again when the user hits "BACK"

Martin Clifford wrote:

>There is never a way to disable back, forward, home, etc buttons.  They all have 
>shortcuts that will ALWAYS work, so there's really no point.  Additionally, it's all 
>nice and good that your site works fine without using cookies, and don't take this 
>offensively, but if the client cannot use the back button without getting mishapen 
>results, then it doesn't sound as if the site is designed very efficiently.
>Just my opinion.
>Martin Clifford
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>>>>Petre <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> 07/31/02 01:16PM >>>
>Is there a way I can disable the client's browser back button, forcing 
>them to use the navigation I built into the page?
>Ideally, when they try to press "BACK" on browser, a popup asking them 
>to use the navigation instead would win first prize.
>The reason I'm asking is again to do with sessions, I have an app 
>running 100% now without using cookies, but if the user hits BACK and 
>ignores the expire warning, the app produces unwanted results ( adds 
>form data again to the db etc.)
>Just want to patch the holes.
>Maybe write my own little browser that has no back button??

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