Here's what I think may work, not sure though......

set a session variable form_submitted=false before displaying the form for
when posted, check if form_submitted==false, then only set the session
variable form_submitted to true and process it. Else show an error message
If the user hits BACK button and resubmits it, then form_submitted will
evaluate to true and in this case it will not be further processed.

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> Well, OK, then, How do you  design the app NOT to allow the form to POST
> again when the user hits "BACK"
> Martin Clifford wrote:
> >There is never a way to disable back, forward, home, etc buttons.  They
all have shortcuts that will ALWAYS work, so there's really no point.
Additionally, it's all nice and good that your site works fine without using
cookies, and don't take this offensively, but if the client cannot use the
back button without getting mishapen results, then it doesn't sound as if
the site is designed very efficiently.
> >
> >Just my opinion.
> >
> >Martin Clifford
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> >>>>Petre <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> 07/31/02 01:16PM >>>
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> >HI
> >Is there a way I can disable the client's browser back button, forcing
> >them to use the navigation I built into the page?
> >Ideally, when they try to press "BACK" on browser, a popup asking them
> >to use the navigation instead would win first prize.
> >
> >The reason I'm asking is again to do with sessions, I have an app
> >running 100% now without using cookies, but if the user hits BACK and
> >ignores the expire warning, the app produces unwanted results ( adds
> >form data again to the db etc.)
> >Just want to patch the holes.
> >
> >Maybe write my own little browser that has no back button??
> >
> >
> >
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