On Tue, Sep 03, 2002 at 08:27:37PM -0400, ::: Flavio Bastos Amiel::::::> wrote:
> i tried to delete that cell (id) and then i recreate it. thinking the id was
> going to count it all over and make the item id TRUE.....but it wasn't like
> that, the "new" id was counting since the last id then if the last id was
> 100, the new id was counting from 100 to 200 .... do i explain myself?...
> does anyone have an answer to this problem (PLEASE Dont tell me i have to do
> i manually!! )

You can use a version of mysql prior to 3.23, which is the version that
this behavior was introduced.  Many people, myself included, believe the
ability to use numbers that were used previously is a bug, so in 3.23,
once a number is used in an auto incrementing column it cannot be used
again.  At least mysql won't auto generate it again.

Jason Stechschulte
To teach is to learn.

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