You can reset the id with this command:

 : : Flavio Bastos Amiel: : : : : : INVALID_ADDRESS_IN_GROUP@.SYNTAX-ERROR.;;;;;;;;, 
 :"::: Flavio Bastos Amiel::::::>" wrote:let's see if i can do it...

i got a news site..... everything was going OK....sometimes i made few
testing and then i delete the content from the db... the problem is next:

the item "id" is an auto_increment element .. so the id's wasn't going
allright....because they where not true... sometimes they make jumps like id
#25 and the id #30 (because of the testing i've done and then delete)

i tried to delete that cell (id) and then i recreate it. thinking the id was
going to count it all over and make the item id TRUE.....but it wasn't like
that, the "new" id was counting since the last id then if the last id was
100, the new id was counting from 100 to 200 .... do i explain myself?...
does anyone have an answer to this problem (PLEASE Dont tell me i have to do
i manually!! )

Flavio Bastos Amiel

"George Nicolae" wrote in message
> ask.
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> Best regards,
> George Nicolae
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> "::: Flavio Bastos Amiel::::::>" wrote in message
> > May i ask for help about a subejct on MySQL here?
> >
> > thanks,
> > Flavio Bastos Amiel
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