i actually pointed this out awhile ago that there will be a competing
product for the encoder and accelerator so i didn't see a point in zend
continuing to destroy php's chances.

i am trying to discuss this normally but i guess you forgot that someone
told me to bug off or the other guy that told me to f***k off.

i guess you could define popular in different ways but how many people
actually know what php is and what are the odds are getting someone to pay
you to do php.  those are my measures.

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1. You complain about Zend charging for a product when someone else has
created an equivalent open source product.
2. You support ColdFusion and ASP when someone else has created an
equivalent open source product.

The point is that you need better logic in your arguments before you
will receive thoughtful answers. Your "questions" seem more like
adolescent attacks, and your arguments have no merit. Thus, the
responses you have received are similar to responses you will receive
anywhere when your purpose appears to only be to pick a fight. If you
ask intelligent questions or make intelligent arguments, people will
assume you are an intelligent person and deserving of a thoughtful answer.

As for PHP in the marketplace, I would argue that it is the most popular
Web scripting language in the world with ColdFusion and JSP being close
contenders and ASP being successful only because of the Microsoft
believers (who are switching to PHP and others more because of the poor
quality of IIS than the poor quality and non-portability of ASP). I make
a very nice living programming in PHP, and most of the job offers I
receive are for PHP, even though I have extensive experience in
ColdFusion and other Web scripting languages (even ASP).

But, you know what? No one cares. The people who contribute to PHP do so
because they enjoy it. People like Rasmus enjoy it so much that they put
up with adolescent crap on this list from time to time and even provide
undeserving responses to useless drivel. You're not going to alter
anyone's idea of PHP with baseless attacks. It's the same approach as
politicians who try to attack their opponents; you just end up looking
like a fool, and no one believes you anyway.

People who like it will use it. People who don't won't.

Now can we end the spam?


Acer wrote:

>Okay fine whatever.  Let's just continue sticking our heads in the sand and
>pretend php developers isn't last on the list of jobs available compared to
>asp, jsp and cf developers.
>That topic isn't important so back to normal and I'll ask a php question.
>What's the difference between = and ==?  I'm too lazy to read the manual.

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