On 08/03/2002 10:49 PM, Justin French wrote:
>>Don't get me wrong rasmus, I don't have any problems with you.  It's just
>>fishy when some guy in the UK was able to put together a php accelerator for
>>free and a php encoder for $0.50 a pop while zend is charging several
>>thousands.  You have to wonder how much work zend is actually putting into
>>their products to justify the price.  Plus, these guys are the ones building
>>php so something is not right.
> Zend is a commercial company, and has a right to charge for a product.  My
> guess is that the developers of the Zend engine (PHP) would also make the
> best developers of any other product (like an accelerator or encoder) that
> is associated with PHP.

You're guess is biased. Do you know that Yahho have choosen Nick 
Lindrige PHP Accelerator cache extension instead of Zend's?

> If someone is charging so little for the product (it is Beta, so I wouldn't
> use it anyway), then there is a good *chance* that it's a far less superior
> product.

Excuse me but that is an ignorant criteria. Basically you are saying 
that quality is proportional to the price. In that case you deserved to 
be exploited by Zend or whoever charges more from you.

> Let me ask you Acer, how much money do you make a week from developing PHP
> web applications with the free PHP scripting language?  The $2000 doesn't
> seem like much in comparison, does it.

I think you need to open your horizon and understand that not everybody 
lives in the same country as you and does not necessarily have the same 
kind of opportunities to make money.

Anyway, I think it is stupid to pay for a PHP compiler when you do not 
have to pay for compilers in other languages. That is one more reason 
for some people to drop PHP. That is not my case, I prefer to stick to 
PHP and contribute for free PHP compilers be made available and 
everybody knows about them.


Manuel Lemos

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