There are nearly 600 people with cvs commit access to  Saying
that Zend are the ones building PHP is a gross injustice to the majority
of the people working on PHP.  I have absolutely no relationship with Zend
and I have built big chunks of PHP as have countless others with nothing
to gain from Zend commercializing anything.

Commercial interest in the PHP market is simple fact that comes from PHP's
overwhelming success.  It is a sign of the project's maturity and there is
absolutely nothing wrong with it.  And if I had to choose between
commercial interests also contributing to PHP itself vs. not contributing,
I would much prefer them to contribute things.  There are plenty of
companies selling into the PHP space without contributing anything back to
PHP.  So, faulting Zend for having both commercial products and also
contributing to PHP itself makes very little sense to me.

Finally, you are arguing about commercial software pricing not matching
the effort that goes into making it?  C'mon, if all commercial software
was priced simply to recoup development costs, then Windows should cost
about 2 cents and Oracle about a dime.

The bottom line is that there is no conspiracy here.  The PHP Group is far
from a tightknit group that agrees on everything.  In fact we disagree on
just about everything you can imagine and we are certainly not a group of
people who sit around with nothing to do except help Zend make money.  You
will find if you poke around a little bit, several members, including
myself, have helped projects that make free alternatives to various
commercial products from Zend and other companies.


On Sat, 3 Aug 2002, Acer wrote:

> Don't get me wrong rasmus, I don't have any problems with you.  It's just
> fishy when some guy in the UK was able to put together a php accelerator for
> free and a php encoder for $0.50 a pop while zend is charging several
> thousands.  You have to wonder how much work zend is actually putting into
> their products to justify the price.  Plus, these guys are the ones building
> php so something is not right.
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> > You'll never hear anything from the core php group since they are a tight
> > click so it's business as usual.
> That's probably the most uninformed statement I have seen posted to this
> list in a very long time.
> -Rasmus
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