> i have this code snippet:
>   if(isset($_POST['save'])){
>   $query = 'INSERT INTO article_data VALUES (\'\', '.$_SESSION['uid'].',
> '.time().', \''.$_POST['title'].'\', \''.$_POST['description'].'\',
> '.$_POST['cat'].', \''.$_POST['text'].'\', 0)';
>   $result = mysql_query($query) or die("Query failed: $query<br>" .
> mysql_error());
>     echo 'you saved your work.';
>   } elseif(isset($_POST['pub'])) {
>     $query = 'INSERT INTO article_data VALUES (\'\', '.$_SESSION['uid'].',
> '.time().', \''.$_POST['title'].'\', \''.$_POST['description'].'\',
> '.$_POST['cat'].', \''.nl2br($_POST['text']).'\', 0)';
> echo 'you published your work.';
>  }
> Which has a save or a publish option. I only want to keep one copy of each
> article in the DB. This adds a new one each time. I know about updates in
> SQL but the file may or may not already be in the db. Does anyone have a
> good way to go about this?

First perform a SELECT to establish previous existence (can lock row at this
point, if using suitable RDBMS), then decide to INSERT or UPDATE, save or


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