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On Sun, Aug 11, 2002 at 01:44:53AM +1000, JJ Harrison wrote:
> Which has a save or a publish option. I only want to keep one copy of each
> article in the DB. This adds a new one each time. I know about updates in
> SQL but the file may or may not already be in the db. Does anyone have a
> good way to go about this?

Here's a quick outline of what I do.  I have a form for entering in
articles.  If the form is opened without an ArticleID, the ArticleID (a
hidden form field) becomes 0.  But, if the form is opened with an
ArticleID, the given ArticleID is put in the hidden field.

Now, when I make my changes and hit the Save (submit) button, the script 
checks the ArticleID.  If it's 0, do an insert.  If it's non-zero, do an 


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