I'll do that. When I load an article I supply the article's id.

JJ Harrison

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> Hi JJ:
> On Sun, Aug 11, 2002 at 01:44:53AM +1000, JJ Harrison wrote:
> >
> > Which has a save or a publish option. I only want to keep one copy of
> > article in the DB. This adds a new one each time. I know about updates
> > SQL but the file may or may not already be in the db. Does anyone have a
> > good way to go about this?
> Here's a quick outline of what I do.  I have a form for entering in
> articles.  If the form is opened without an ArticleID, the ArticleID (a
> hidden form field) becomes 0.  But, if the form is opened with an
> ArticleID, the given ArticleID is put in the hidden field.
> Now, when I make my changes and hit the Save (submit) button, the script
> checks the ArticleID.  If it's 0, do an insert.  If it's non-zero, do an
> update.
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