I use this query to input data into MySQL DB.
EXPIRE is Expire Date!
My script allways inputs "1.1.0001" into database (as value of expire).
what is wrong?

My table:

   idnarudzbeukorpi int(255) DEFAULT '0' NOT NULL auto_increment,
   mernaj varchar(255) NOT NULL,
   nazivproizvoda varchar(255) NOT NULL,
   ip_adresa_narucioca varchar(255) NOT NULL,
   id_proizvoda varchar(255) NOT NULL,
   kolicina_proizvoda decimal(255,2) DEFAULT '1.00' NOT NULL,
   cena decimal(255,2),
   datum datetime DEFAULT '0000-00-00 00:00:00' NOT NULL,
   expire datetime,
   PRIMARY KEY (idnarudzbeukorpi)

MySQL query:

$aSQL2="insert into korpa  (mernaj, nazivproizvoda, ip_adresa_narucioca,
id_proizvoda, cena, datum, expire) values ('$mernaj', '$naziv', '$ip',
'$id', '$cena', now(), now()+3000)";

Please help me!

  Djurovski Dejan

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