Alan --

...and then Alan Hale said...
% My Web hosting company has just withdrawn (with no notice) support for PHP
% extensions on the grounds they represent security risks and they don't wish
% to spend time and effort in evaluating and compensating for those risks.

That, and particularly the "no notice" part, sure sounds lame.

% I'd welcome views on how reasonable this is.

Hmmm...  Is it a risk?  Well, theoretically everything is a risk; they
might as well just shut down their servers now since they don't want to
compensate for risks.  And anything can be buggy, too, so they'd better
wipe those disks clean of any nasty utilities, servers, or operating

I guess whether or not it's reasonable depends on what they want their
business to do.  If they want to serve FrontPage web clients and perhaps
a little bit of POP3 email, they don't need php.  They don't need apache
for that matter, either, since it's all configurable and dangerous and


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