I'm running the simplest possible script to test headers:

   <?php header("Location: http://www.yahoo.com/";);

The redirect works fine when I run the script on my FreeBSD server,
but when I run it on my Windows server, it fails. (The Windows Apache
server is at least Apache 1.3, but I don't know the exact version, and
am not sure how to find it on Windows).

In Netscape 6, the failure manifests itself with a blank page and
an empty session file. In IE 6, a "This Page Cannot Be Displayed
(HTTP 500 - Internal server error)" page shows in the browser, and
an empty session file appears in the temp directory as well. The
Apache error log shows nothing.

Is there something that has to be set in the httpd.conf file for
the header function to work properly? If anyone has any ideas, I'd
appreciate hearing them... I'm stuck.


Robert Orenstein
Perforce Software

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