Well, then, in that case, your original problem about the header() has 
nothing to do with an earlier post (about IIS).

Perhaps, you can try installing the latest Apache + the latest PHP and 
everything might just work. I've ask a friend to try it on his 
Win2K(sp2)+Apache2+php4.2.2 and the code was working perfectly 
fine--without doing anything special in httpd.conf...

- E

>Hi, Edwin. Of course... thanks!
>Apache version 1.3.23. Definitely not IIS.
>Robert Orenstein
>Perforce Software
>>Try running <?php phpinfo(); ?> and  I'm sure you'll find out 
>>something about the Apache version. (If, indeed, you're running 
>>Apache... Could it be that you're running IIS and Apache is down? 
>>Of course, I could be wrong...)
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