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Try running <?php phpinfo(); ?> and  I'm sure you'll find out something 
about the Apache version. (If, indeed, you're running Apache... Could it be 
that you're running IIS and Apache is down? Of course, I could be wrong...)

- E

>I'm running the simplest possible script to test headers:
>   <?php header("Location: http://www.yahoo.com/");
>     exit;
>   ?>
>The redirect works fine when I run the script on my FreeBSD server,
>but when I run it on my Windows server, it fails. (The Windows 
>server is at least Apache 1.3, but I don't know the exact version, 
>am not sure how to find it on Windows).
>In Netscape 6, the failure manifests itself with a blank page and
>an empty session file. In IE 6, a "This Page Cannot Be Displayed
>(HTTP 500 - Internal server error)" page shows in the browser, and
>an empty session file appears in the temp directory as well. The
>Apache error log shows nothing.
>Is there something that has to be set in the httpd.conf file for
>the header function to work properly? If anyone has any ideas, I'd
>appreciate hearing them... I'm stuck.
>Robert Orenstein
>Perforce Software
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