on 15/08/02 5:17 PM, Daren Cotter ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) wrote:

> I understand this solution, but are you telling me
> that companies that send millions of emails per day
> simply use the BCC line in the email? I can't imagine
> this is the "proper" way of doing things...I do, after
> all, need to send 50,000 emails at a time.
> Can anyone else verify this?

There are two schools of thought.  One is the Bcc approach where nothing is
personalised.  The second is the sending of personalised emails one at a

This approach has given me heaps of grief, and I'm thinking about returning
to the Bcc approach, but some ideas include:

a) running the script as a command line script, hence ruling out the browser

b) running the script via a browser in batches of 100 or 'n', with a
5sec-5min interval between, set-up with meta refresh tags... this is
ultimately slower, but has more guarantees.

c) running the script using a dedicated mailing list application like ezmlm,
taking php out of the equation completely.

d) talking to a dedicated mailing-list company, like sparklist.com -- it's
not effective for small lists, but for 50,000 people once a month, you get
charged the base price of US$50/month.  For once a week, it's around $200.



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