On 08/15/2002 04:17 AM, Daren Cotter wrote:
> I understand this solution, but are you telling me
> that companies that send millions of emails per day
> simply use the BCC line in the email? I can't imagine
> this is the "proper" way of doing things...I do, after
> all, need to send 50,000 emails at a time.
> Can anyone else verify this?

Daren, try to understand things better before you decide what is more 
viable for you.

Many of those companies that send personalized message are in the 
business of fooling the recipients into believing that they recieve 
messages from real humans that were meant just for them. Such companies 
are also known as spammers and they really do not fool most people that 
they send such personalized messages.

Personalized bulk mailing may take hours or days to finish a single bulk 
delivery and so they are done by specialized programs that do things in 
a more efficient way for that purpose. Usually they do not even queue 
messages in the local mailer queue. They compose messages on demand and 
connect directly to the recipients SMTP servers, establishing hundreds 
or thousands simultaneous connections, often choking their Internet link.

If you are sending solicited messages, you have no need for this. You 
may simply queue a single message in your local mailer queue and have it 
do the hard work of delivering the messages. Otherwise it will not be 
viable for you to do it in PHP as it will consume much more time and 
much more server resources.

If you still wonder that this is the proper way of doing things, I just 
like to remind you that this is the way that this very same mailing list 
message is being delivered to you. Otherwise it would not be viable.


Manuel Lemos

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