Have you tried saving the pages with a .phps extension and looking at them 
in a browser? That usually uncovers syntactical errors quite quickly.

At 10:08 PM 8/15/2002 +0200, Christian Ista wrote:
> > Havn't the foggiest idea what it means, but what has usually happened
> > that I missed a ";" on an earlier line.
>That's happen when I include a page. But the strange this, I include the
>same page earlier and without any problem.
>The content of this page is a lot of variable (string), like that (a
>small part) :
>$var_login_nom                                  = 'Last name';
>$var_login_prenom                                       = 'First name';
>$var_login_email                                        = 'Email';
>$var_login_password1                            = 'Password (6 char.
>$var_login_password2                            = 'Password
>$var_login_creer_compte                         = 'Create a new
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