On Sunday 18 August 2002 17:45, Jean-Marc Godart wrote:

> I have a MySQL database (called "sessions") with a auto-increment INT field
> called "sessionID". I try to check if there is already a record in this
> database with a given sessionID, which is called $sessionID in PHP. I use
> this query, which must be wrong (but I cannot find out why !!!) :
>    SELECT * FROM sessions WHERE sessionID = $sessionID
> Even though there is already a record with the right sessionID, my program
> does not find it (I always get 0 when using mysql_num_rows() after the
> query). Though, if I replace "$sessionID" by, for example 4, then that
> works and it says there is already a record with that ID.
> I guess the problem comes from comparing two different kinds of variables,
> but I can't fix it ... Could anyone please help ? By advance, thank you !!!

Have you tried printing out $sessionID to see whether it contains what you 
think it contains?

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