> I have a MySQL database (called "sessions") with a auto-increment
> INT field called "sessionID". I try to check if there is already
> a record in this database with a given sessionID, which is called
> $sessionID in PHP. I use this query, which must be wrong (but I
> cannot find out why !!!) :
>    SELECT * FROM sessions WHERE sessionID = $sessionID

Although this may or may not help depending on your code (please post it if
you still haven't found a solution...it's the best way for us to help.


SELECT * FROM sessions WHERE sessionID = '$sessionID'

Although if $sessionID contains an integer (which I assume is would) the
quotes aren't needed, you never know. Some OSes are quirky.

Also you may want to add an

echo mysql_error();

line after your initial mysql_query to see if perhaps there's a problem with
PHP communicating with MySQL.


Craig Vincent

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