Even I would be very interested to know what every one out there 
uses for these. I use PhpMyAdmin for creating tables. Textpad for 


On Wed, 21 Aug 2002 Michael Egan wrote :
>I know similar threads have come up on this in the past but I 
>suspect it's a constantly changing picture.
>I recently saw a favourable review of Zend Studio 2.5 but 
>wondered, out of curiosity, what sort of tools people use to 
>develop PHP scripts and MySQL databases, tables and queries.
>Up until now, in an attempt to try and get to grips with these 
>packages, I've been using a variety of text editors from VI to 
>Kwrite.  But I'm wondering whether it might speed up development 
>times if I start to use one of the tools out there for working 
>with PHP and MySQL.
>Any thoughts?
>Michael Egan
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