Just suggestion but why not use md5($password) and then send the result of
that in your GET?


On Wed, 21 Aug 2002, Mark McCulligh wrote:

> I have two server.  One running PHP/Linux the other running ASP/2000.
> The user logins into the PHP server and session variables are made to hold
> their username, password, department, etc..  The site from time to time
> redirect the user to the ASP server.  I want to pass the session variable
> across to the other server.  I can't use the GET method.
> (www.domain.com/form.asp?username=Mark.....) because putting the password on
> the address bar is not an option.  The ASP server will redirect them back
> when they are done on it. It will pass back the variables just in case the
> session on the PHP server has expired for the PHP server can create a new
> session if needed.
> I don't want to use a cookie.
> I was thinking of using cURL but I can't fine any information about using it
> in ASP.  I know how to use cURL in PHP to redirect the user to the ASP
> server and pass the variables in the POST method, but not the other way.
> Any ideas would be a GREAT help.
> Mark.
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> Mark McCulligh, Application Developer / Analyst
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